This really doesn’t have that much to do with interactive media but it can turn into it.  College hoops are starting and it’s my favorite time of the season behind Christmas.  Tonight kicks off the official season with a 24 hour marathon on ESPN.  And I’m saying this because ESPN uses interactivity sometimes.  Especailly with ESPNU they have a 360 program and it shows the fans and the court and the timeouts, pretty much everything.  And even on their website they have a live chat with an analyst and it just makes you feel like your their and sometimes stream games live on ESPN.com.  This just gave me a chance to inform people that college hoops are starting and i’m pretty pumped.


Sony TV

On a lot of the other posts I’ve commented on people were talking about a windows 7 phone and 3D tv.  Today I saw a commercial for Sony tv.  But it is internet tv and  parteners up with google.  I went to the website discover.sonystyle.com and it is really interactive and explains what its all about better.  One of the cool examples that it shows is that you can be watching jeapordy and if you don’t know the answer you can search it right on the tv while your still watching the show.  Its combining tv and internet which are our main media outlets.  It’s a pretty cool concept.  so you guys should check it out.

Its about that time!

So elections are coming up and we have been talking about voting and tying that into social networking.  What I think is weird is that none of the running mates have taken advantage of the use of social networking.  I have seen many commercials on tv for candidates but as far as stuff online…not so much.  While Obama was running he definitely connected with the younger group of kids because of Facebook and now…he’s president so it had to help him out a little bit!


I know in class we’ve been talking about bullying on and off the internet.  I was thinking about it…is there anything against racism on the internet.  Like say for instance just like how those incidents of bullying we were talking about and how the people that were bullied got in trouble so what would happen if those same people were sending racial stuff to those people.  Is there any way that they can get in trouble or charged?  Because I think racism is still around and many incidents happen but you really don’t hear that much about them.


When we were talking the other day in class about cyber bullying it made me really think about things and think about stuff that maybe I’ve done or said to poeple whether it would be online or in person.  I am fortunate enough to say that I have never said anything close to what the people we heard about have done.  It was sad to 1) think that someone would ever bully someone to such an extreme and 2) that people would end their lives over it.  All the stories we heard about all ended in tragedy.  Who knows what kind of issues we will have in the next few years or if the issues we have now will get worse.

Not Favre!!

Once again there’s another scandal going on in pro sports.  And another shocker is that it has to do with one of the top players in their respective team.  Brett Favre is caught in the middle of a sexting scandal.  We were talking the other day about teens getting into trouble with trusting their friends to send naked pictures of themselves.  Well apparently it isn’t just teens we should be worried about becuase Brett Favre was caught sending nude pictures of himself to a reporter and calling and leaving her voicemails.  So not only are we using phones to text or call someone, people are using them to cheat.  Becuase we all remember a certain golfer named Tiger Woods that got cauhgt too.  And after that happened there were Tiger Woods apps out that taught you how to not get caught cheating so who knows what apps are going to come out now taht this scandal with Brett Favre happened.


I discovered Hulu this summer and loved it! I just couldn’t stop watching shows and loved that if I missed a show that was on tv I didn’t have to worry about how I was going to watch it because I knew I could catch it on Hulu.  /some people may think its hurting tv ratings and what not but I think its helping channels out.  I’m a huge fan of ABC and think that the shows on there are hilarious and want to watch them more than once sometimes.  But I also like the fact that on Hulu they have all different channels in the same place so you can search around and spend hours seeing new shows and then watching tv and seeing them on that channel.  I’m just a huge fan of Hulu lol

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